Home seems to have mellowed considerably on this latest effort, one presumes named 13 because 12 is in the works, maybe promised to another label, maybe just to be oh-so-cryptic… But while the latest from the kings of campfire cacophony suggests a delicate somniferous refrain and the usual Home dichotomy of hysterical rockers and geeky neo-prog mini-epics is no longer discernable, it may, rather than the seamless integration of the two songwriting styles, be a sublimation of sorts; the essence remains faithful to motif. I’ll say for the time being that the more outwardly gleeful has been subsumed by the other. Lest you think that Home has gotten lame with time, let me tell you that I had this disc in the changer with a certain new Royal Trux singles compilation — on random — and in some less attentive moments, an identification one could not instantaneously make! The rise and fall of the mellifluous variety of textures form a remarkable contiguity. You can still clean house with Home. Pick it up.

Rumor mill has it they’re saving up the master blasters for 12… Jetset Records, 67 Vestry St. #5C, New York, NY 10013; http://www.sinner.com/jetset

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