Guitar Amp Simulator

Line 6

This uniquely-shaped, fully programmable stereo desktop unit is designed to deliver a wide variety of legendary amp tones and authentically recreate the sound of mic’d speaker cabinets. With POD ($399), recording tonally mind-blowing guitar tracks with full volume punch and “air” is now a hassle-free, instant reality.

POD’s unprecedented direct tone is the result of Line 6’s breakthrough A.I.R. direct recording output-an acoustically integrated cabinet/speaker/microphone emulation technology. Combined with the patented TubeTone digital modeling technology found in the revolutionary AX2-212 and Flextone Series Digital Guitar Amplifier Systems, as well as the acclaimed Amp Farm Plug-in for Pro Tools TDM, POD offers recording musicians a deep, inspirational sonic palette.

Guitarists familiar with the knob driven Flextone Series Combo Amplifiers will recognize the POD feature set of sixteen TubeTone Amp models and sixteen professional quality digital effects setups arranged on separate knobs. With the recording environment in mind, POD offers more extensive programmability via MIDI-adjustable parameters. The complete package includes a CD-ROM with editing software for both PC and MAC platforms. POD will become available in October. Line 6, 11260 Playa Court, Culver City, CA 90230; http://www.line6.com

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