Ryuichi Sakamoto

Some of Sakamoto’s neo-classical work, Discord on Sony Classical, is reworked here five times over by Amon Tobin, Talvin Singh, Rare Force, Chocolate Weasel, and Fernando Aponte.

I’m not sure I got angry or grievous listening to this but maybe the original work serves that better. I did get a space journey, with many stopovers at the Club Trance Classicalé and through many movements at the Groove Gorge. Walls of rhythm fly by me, suddenly stopping or changing, drawing me into focus on the pervasive musical noise tunnel pulling me forward, which leads me to more beatbeds.

Anger/Grief certainly has nothing to do with Sakamoto’s previously successful attempts at lame pop with insipid lyrics, his forays into jazz, of his may other projects which literally map the globe. It does sit nicely beside the electronic experiments from his early ’80s work (especially B-2 Unit) and some near the end of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s run.

It also makes a great non-committal background noise/music and a very twisted meditation soundtrack. Ninja Tune, 1751 Richardson Suite 6109 Montreal Quebec H3K 1G6; ninjah@generation.net

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