Big Ass Truck

Big Ass Truck

Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando • September 25, 1998

Having received a tip from our illustrious editor about Big Ass Truck rolling into town with groove and rock for all, I knew there was no option but to head over to the Sapphire and maybe get sideswiped. Instead, I was hit head-on and steam-rolled by the Truck in what proved to be one of the better shows of the year! The studio cleanliness and production of their recordings was exchanged for a screaming wah-wah pedal blaring out on extended jams. Steve Selvidge’s effects pedal and Colin Butler’s turntable beat-mix was in full force as B.A.T. unleashed an all-out blitz on O-Town. A live outing with Big Ass Truck adds a whole new dimension to their already impressive studio work.

A more structured opening set warmed the crowd up to what joyous mayhem would ensue as the night went on. When they came out for the next set, all formalities were cast aside for an hour and a half, as Selvidge and Robby Grant, rhythm guitar/vocalist, traded licks. The beauty here is the guys would simply start jamming on funk, psychedelic, punk, rock — whatever — and be right on cue, a testament to their collective talents. All the while they were having a great time doing it — is that not the essence of what being in a band is all about? Two sets of BAT and I, along with all who witnessed this show, became believers. Don’t let The Truck pass you by!

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