Win, Win Or Win

Dial M

Wow! Still another great power-pop/heavy on the waa-waa punk rock album! Is this a record year for great punk rock releases in the 1990s? Wiseguys, sounding like a very hopped-up New Bomb Turks (it’s possible, listen to Win, Win Or Win!), start off with two blitzkriegs of punk rock, “Jump in the River” and “MotörHeat.” Then it’s into the best song on the album, “Crooked Smile,” with more blazing speed and a downright psychedelic-funk metal guitar solo that’d make Kirk Hammet turn green with envy! “Still on the Run” is more of a steel-edged rockabilly song with choruses of “… tears are gonna stain your pretty face – teach your mama not to talk that way… ” Dude, a line like that reeks of liberating oneself from the stagnant white trash nags populating south central Pennsylvania. The remainder of this axe-murderer of an album includes Elvis show outtakes and a ballsy instrumental called “The Reverend.” Dial M Records, 41 East Roosevelt Avenue, Middletown, PA 17057; mmathias1@juno.com

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