Through the Eye

Through the Eye

Grand Ocean Productions

Straight from the pages of “local boy does good” comes an hour of visual pleasure from John Lynch & the Right Skool crew, who brought you Flail and You Flail Too. Through the Eye is the third effort under their belt, but features much more than the run-of-the-mill camcorder to tape production. This film has elevated them to another level.

The 16mm film documents waves and top surf talent who are fortunate enough to score such liquid beauty — yes, there’s plenty of Kelly (Slater) footage. Among the gems is film of big-wave meccas Waimea Bay (shows the place closing out — yikes!) and Maverick’s, South Africa, and Central America. From fun, rippable surf and tubes a’ plenty to hairball suicide drops, Through the Eye has it covered! As an added bonus, there is a “mockumentary” storyline woven throughout the picture. It takes a light-hearted look at the real trials and tribulations of film-making. You will also enjoy a diverse soundtrack (Ween, Filibuster, Melbourne’s own Liquid Image, etc.) that actually compliments the on-screen action. And, of course, the obligatory wipeout segment, whose depiction of punishment will leave you gasping for air!

Through the Eye represents an art form that is becoming extinct – the surf “film.” Lynch and his producers have done a commendable job to keep it real, so kick back and “drop in” for yourself

For more info or to purchase Through the Eye, call (800) 763-0800.

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