Darkened World

I Scream

Can’t get enough NYHC? Look no further than the land of Wham! Bam! Van Damme! Deviate is the Belgian equivalent of Agnostic Front, and I mean that in all sincerity: they’re serious hardcore. Darkened World is an enhanced CD sampler album of Deviate’s output since forming in 1991 and contains some damn mean-spirited, frustrated youth anthems.

Which is nothing less than what a true hardcore band should deliver. Songs like “Sequel of Arrogance” (great title!), “Spread A Threat” and “Cold Prejudice” are classic hardcore standoffs between the need for releasing Western youth aggression and the realization that the herd mentality ensnaring violent youth will put you another step backwards. Think for yourself!

I Scream Records, Broekstraat 10, 1730 Kobbegem, Belgium, ;

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