Country Teasers

Country Teasers

Destroy All Human Life

Fat Possum/Epitaph

On their previous two albums, the Country Teasers proved themselves unquestioned masters of their genre, a bash-and-flail, completely soused Scottish rendition of a country band between last call and the closing brawl. My first listen to Destroy All Human Life had me thinking the lads had been tainted by sophistication, but it would seem they only found someone who could tune their instruments for them, or perhaps got one of those electronic tuners with the lights. Shining through the eleven tracks on here is the same air of bored desperation that makes listening to the Country Teasers so enjoyable.

The band may have cut back on their trademark musical stagger (check out the weirdly melodic “Golden Apples”), but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their capacity to offend. The closing “Song of the White Feather Club Secretary” features lyrics that’ll send most upstanding taxpayers scurrying from the room, while their rendition of “Almost Persuaded” is guaranteed to elicit a “turn that shit OFF!” from any country purist. Needless to say, this (and the Teaser’s other output) is what you play as your guests are passing out on your couch at 4 am.

Epitaph Records, 2789 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90026

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