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Go Kart

Boy, is this stupid. Stupid spelled “stoopid.”

But punk rock is supposed to be stoopid.

Let’s start with the cover art. Upon removing the CD, one notices that the band appears trapped behind the case. Good gag. Next, the band loudly declares that the album is “dedicated to Pol Pot.” Costume-wise, on of the band members is wearing a “Wolverine” (i.e. X-man Wolverine) suit, which is strange since they’re from Wisconsin. So much for the appearance, but the pace is set for the music. Laura tried to sell me that Suck sounded like the Dickies meet the Rezillos — tough to believe, but nevertheless I was interested. My first impression was “hey, this is the Tubes covering Meatmen songs.” After a few more listens, I changed it to “hey, this is the Tubes, jamming with the Meatmen covering the Dickies and the Rezillos AND stealing Ramones’ riffs.” In other words, this is great, stoopid punk rock.

Each song is introduced by a spastic “Tesco Fee,” who’s having to fight off background arguments from the rest of the band. (“Statutory Rock” is interrupted at least three times before the actual song starts.) My pick of the litter includes “My Radio Is Telling Me to Kill (the Guys on the Radio),” “Icky Shazam,” “Purple Vulcan Hot Rod,” “Russian Robot,” and “Got2fuc2day.”

Go Kart Records, P.O. Box 20, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012

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