Children of the Damned

Children of the Damned

A Tribute to Iron Maiden


This is a massive international two-disc send-up to one of the most influential heavy metal bands of the Age. Disc one is chock full of IM classics like “22 Acacia Avenue” (covered by Baltimore headbangers Delusion), “Flight of Icarus” (Texas metalheads Aska), “The Prisoner” (Italy’s Mesmerize), “Flash of the Blade” (our own Florida homeboys, Season of the Wolf), Realm (the Dictatorship of Australia) rage on “Bring Your Daughter …To the Slaughter,” and “The Trooper” (Cypriot followers of true metal, Diphtheria). Disc two contains (Massachusetts’) Innocent Exile’s cover of “Strange World,” and an additional eleven original tracks from each band on disc one. Featured are (from Sweden) Gooseflesh playing “Suffer Age,” Cessation of Life (California) jamming on “Synthetic Suicide,” Moksha (from India — India! India has a metal scene! They cover “Can I Play With Madness” as well) playing “Chasing My Life,” Night Conquers Day (Upstate NY) plays “The Perseverance of Ignorance” and Last Disciple (Germany) cranks out “World Turns.” It’s a big package of big metal. It’s worth it just to hear a freakin’ metal band from India, dude!

Adrenaline Records/Energie Sr1, Via Matteucci 25/27, 20043 Arcore, Milano, Italy.

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