Rich Creamy Paint

Rich Creamy Paint

Rich Creamy Paint


Carefree, poppy, no-holds-back dorky love songs are what makes up the bulk of Rich Creamy Paint. This is the first effort from Rich Painter, who will hopefully learn from his mistakes on this album and come back with a sophomore effort much more matured, because there’s unmistakably some talent within the musical concoctions he puts together. His songs play with plenty of twists, stops, and other little tricks that make carefree pop so enjoyable, occasionally adding a little effect or two and a few sporadic strings. Yet there’s still much to be desired from Rich Creamy Paint — namely in the lyrics, which are hopelessly juvenile and sound far too much like they were placed more for a rhyme than a message. Aside from that, his quasi-catchy choruses appear far too many times within his songs, resulting in any pleasantries within them being erased through repetition.

The album was produced by Rich’s uncle, John Mark Painter, the pseudo-Elvis co-frontman of the bizarre rock outfit Fleming & John and behind-the-scenes horn player for Ben Folds Five. And with John’s musical ear, hopefully he’ll be able to set straight some of the misfortunes that took place on this cornucopia of mediocrity for the next time. There’s a shining light coming through Rich Creamy Paint, and if he had a better understanding of lyrical quality, his jumpy guitar-pop songs would really be worth something. Consider this album a learning experience, and with it, the expectation that Rich Painter will be back sooner or later with something wonderful. He’s got it in him; it just hasn’t come out yet.

Hollywood Records, 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521

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