Ballad of the Round Ball


Marumari’s brush must be cut strangely. It might seem that he’s drawing a straight line, but the end result is a bristly-thorned stem. At the end of this stem is an impeccably rendered rose that glistens with dew and smells wonderful.

Marumari is one of the few electronic producers who opts not for bitter and sterile production. His tracks on this CD are slightly smeared and blurry, which give them a warm and comfortable feel. The melodies contribute to the feeling of ease one gets from listening to this CD. The beats roll along at a moderate pace, often muffled, sometimes up front. These beats are draped by textures that never simply serve to fill space; they add a full and rich body to the tracks, always complementing the rhythm and melody.

Allegedly, Marumari is prolific producer, so I’m excited about the prospects of future Carpark packages.

Carpark Records, P.O. Box 20368, New York, NY 10009;

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