Naughty Appliances 4

Naughty Appliances 4

Various Artists


This time it’s a hardcore compilation, focusing generally on defecating and electronics frustration. Includes such bands as the Killer Showerheads, the Zapped American CD Player Adapters, Don’t Plug That 110 Monitor Into the 220 Plug! and the Dangerous Backhoes. To be honest, I can’t believe that there are so many bands named after various aspects of household or other machinery, but the various record companies who’ve bounced this compilation around seem to find them where you’d least expect it. How else would anyone hear of the Attack Toilets, or their song, “Revenge of Flushboy”? Or how about the Mystery Porta-Potties and their amazing opus “How is it Possible to Shit on the Toilet Seat?” Maybe “amazing” is the wrong adjective. Perhaps, “astounding…” Other standouts are the Killer Showerheads’ “Six AM and Both Pots Taken,” and the Dangerous Backhoes’ “Yes, We Are Idiots.” Another great compilation from the best series of the 1990’s.

Shit Records,, #2 Shit St, Excrement, IN ; 23456

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