The Nudes


This is the album that you finally hear, and say, “I get it!” The fourth release from this Milwaukee trio takes everything they’ve done before and puts it in to place. Sparkles and shine and stars in everyone’s eyes. Mixing elements of math rock and jazzy grooves, solid rhythms and catchy guitar. Like a lighter shade of Don Caballero, with shadows of other times and other bands creeping in, Pele pushes through the atmosphere above all the clouds straight into blue. Excellent living room and basement recordings of the songs, thanks to guitarist Chris Rosenau, who aside from having recorded with the Promise Ring and Vermont, also plays in Vermont. Bassist Matt Tennessen can also be found playing in the band Paris Texas. Pele holds all the players to a different sound, though. This sound gets in your bloodstream, shifts your moods with the slightest trip on the snare or ride on the bass riff. Yeah, this sound makes you feel.

Polyvinyl Record Co., P.O. Box 1885, Danville, IL 61834-1885;

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