The Roofies

The Roofies

Blame it on the Roofies


The Roofies skate the thin line between funny and offensive, usually making great big lazy loops in the offensive side. Vocalist Jibz Cameron has a great psycho girlfriend voice, and plenty of attitude to deliver it hot and steaming into your ears. The band provides a pretty adaptable mix of punk, surf, faux-lounge and what have you to complement Cameron’s raw uncensored delivery. Songs like “Assorcism” and “Bitch” are pretty self-explanatory raging rants. “Frankie the Shoe Fucker” gives us the classic line “Big mean men don’t like come in their shoes.” “Blame It On The Roofies” is a take-off on “Blame it on the Bossanova.” This is funny and crude with no brakes on — if you’re easilty offended, skip it.

The Roofies, 554 Shotwell St., San Francisco, CA 94110;

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