Home Is Where It Hurts


After a deluge of emo-shoegazey stuff on the once great Slumberland Records, the lo-fi superheroes are back with a well-recorded re-introduction. The title track is a hokey folk song, followed by dub-ala-Unwound controlled chaos. Fans of old will love “cold fire woods of western lanes.” As the shortest song on the record, it plays the one overdriven guitar line until they get bored. Follow that up with a Kid A drone and drum number and you might a well press stop. But no, here comes the next minimal song in a five song CD of B-sides.

This EP isn’t bad. It just isn’t all that interesting. After an absence from pop music for a few years, I would expect a band to be cooking up all sorts of magical musical potions. But to their credit, Hood finally got over the phenomenon and luster of poor recording. I wonder if the earlier records just captured the random happenings when a microphone was hooked up. Maybe a full length will capture what this EP set out to do: amaze.

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