This three piece builds on what has gone before and pushes their own structures into place. Pulling out a strong rock based rhythm, and then cutting into melodic shreds of discordant air. Some hints of bands like June of 44, Unwound, Shipping News, and Christie Front Drive might fly through your ears, but only in brief instants. The combined energy of these musicians hits hard in places that haven’t been hit for far too long. The drums are both scattered and solid, pulling the pulse out of broken beats that catch you moving in place. The guitar and bass lines swing and curl around each other, building nets of sound, thin and thick, to catch the poetically spoken and angrily yelled vocals of Todd Giles. Together, it all works to catch you up in every sudden movement this band makes, pulling emotion and energy out of the quiet air and making it loud enough to hear.

Caulfield, PO Box 84323, Lincoln, NE 68502

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