Immediate Eternity


“Every Moment is Apocalypse and every moment is Genesis.”

That kind of sums it up for this amazing talent who calls himself… nay, he is Copernicus. I’ve only heard his name mentioned in the stoner rock circles, and now, after hearing this extraordinary talent, I have no idea why. His music, accompanied by Equadoran musicians Nomadas, is New Age with a bit of an edge, through and through. It’s all a journey through the mind-ether currently comprising the man. According to the liner notes, most of the songs come directly from Copernicus’ “still not published” book, most likely a tomb containing thousands upon thousands of poetic anthems to the power man can achieve if it only would give itself, and life in general, a chance.

If you’re not prepared — and I wasn’t — you’ll want to make sure you’re seated and far away from the CD player, as your first instinct will deprive you of some fascinating, moving music. Song after song screams out “Humanity!,” interrupted by long, drawn-out wispy keyboards, coming back with a vengeance: “I am only atoms!

You want way out? This Copernicus dude is as way out as they come. Dig this: “I am dust! I am dust/I will not return to dust/From dust thou camest and to dust thou shalt return is a lie!/We are all moving atomic dust…” And you knew this would come: “Love that atomic dust.” The mind of a benevolent mad scientist put to music is a curious thing…


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