Edison Woods

Edison Woods

Edison Woods


Far less inconsequential than it may appear at the first listen, this is a lovely, subdued album from New York’s Edison Woods, headed by singer, keyboard player and songwriter Julia Frodahl. A lush, hushed mood dominates the album, with the songs slowly unfolding in quiet movements, revealing thoughtful meditations on people and places — which probably sounds like very boring music. However, the sparse and considered use of dynamics throughout the entire album makes the songs breathe and come to life. Rather than simply pass before us in waves of quiet indifference, then, Edison Woods succeeds in bringing a degree of excitement and a presence to their material that most of their partners in calm can only ever dream of. Sounding at times like The Jesus & Mary Chain on (even more?) Valium, or like Low with a warmer, more comforting sound, this should sit comfortably with anyone looking for company until summer comes along.

Edison Woods: http://www.edisonwoods.net

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