Burning Spear

Burning Spear

Original Living Dub Vol. 1

Burning Spear

Winston Rodney has got to be the greatest roots artist alive today and is definitely one of reggae’s all-time greatest artists. Nothing beats what he’s done as Burning Spear. That should go without saying, for the man is truly immortal. I guess, in tribute to himself, he has taken perhaps his best album, Social Living, and given it the Pabloian treatment.

Don’t worry, this is not some whacked-out dub experiment by Atom or his Dub TribunL. Not even a Lee Perry treatise of the art form. Original Living Dub is very reverential to both Rodney and dub in the Augustus Pablo, meditative tradition. While it will not “Wow!” you with its novelty, this album is sure to impress because Social Living itself is such a colossal work of art. Rodney’s voice is still nasally, the bass constantly vibrates and crawls and the effects are both subtle and effective. This is most definitely an enjoyable album and one worth having. After all, every reggae collection should have as much Spear as it can possibly handle.

Burning Spear: http://www.burningspear.net/

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