Caustic Resin

Caustic Resin

Keep On Truckin’


Caustic Resin is a stoner metal band, only without the metal. They play heavy, dark and plodding rock music that sounds like leftover Black Sabbath songs. However, fans of ’70s Sabbath (pre-Ozzy’s exit) will probably think this is the greatest album to come out since the last Kyuss album.

I should probably mention that vocalist Brett Nelson also plays guitar for the hugely influential Built to Spill. The fact that he’s the leader of this band is the only connection, though, as the artiness and creativity of BTS is sorely lacking on Keep On Truckin’. This album is essentially comprised of downtrodden songs, with lots of overdriven guitars, sloppy drums and weird back up vocals, reminiscent of something Kid Rock might have in the background of his songs. From time to time, there are tinges of Country & Western (“Fly Like Ace Jones”) and rudimentary metal (“Wizard of the Upper Snake River”). But, overall, the album is pretty one-dimensional.

I’m probably the wrong person to be reviewing this album, as I can’t stand Ozzy or Black Sabbath, and Caustic Resin sounds exactly like those two. What I can tell you is that this record is pretty freakin’ heavy, depressing and murky. So don’t pick it up if you’ve been feeling suicidal lately; it might be the final nail in your coffin!

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