Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys


Los Lonely Boys are the second greatest band ever … with a drummer named Ringo. The Garza brothers’ self-titled debut breaks genre boundaries, and is guaranteed to put these three on top of the music world. Not to mention that they are Willie Nelson’s favorite band.

I wish I had an ounce of the talent and passion that each brother possesses. It can be heard in every Santana-esque solo from Henry, in the way JoJo dances all over his 6-string bass, in the way that Ringo’s beats keep them all together and the way that the three of them harmonize to give every song a depth that keeps the listener coming back for more.

The lead single, “Heaven,” has been everywhere for the past couple of months. But that song barely shows just how talented this band is.

Their Texican Rock & Roll, as they have dubbed it, is an addiction that only therapy can remedy. But I guarantee, you won’t want to be cured. Their blues influences are everywhere, from “Crazy Dream” to the killer “Onda,” a blazing riff-filled, almost nine minute solo-fest in which you will either need a shower or a nap after just one listen. They don’t sacrifice any of their Latin influences either, as “Dime Me Amor,” “Senorita” and the beautiful closer “La Contestacion” all demonstrate.

If Los Lonely Boys are not nominated for at least Best New Artist at this year’s Grammy Awards, there should be a revolt. These three brothers have talent and genuine passion that I have not seen in a long time. And as long as the mainstream doesn’t shove them away for ratings and disposable crap, Los Lonely Boys will be around for a long time.

Los Lonely Boys: www.loslonelyboys.org/

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