Kill Creek

Kill Creek

Kill Creek

The Will to Strike

Second Nature

Kill Creek is one of those bands that have been pushing endlessly forward for about a zillion years, having been on a major label only to see their dreams of stardom crushed by tepid record sales. Much to the delight of their fans, this two disc set compiles a bunch of harder to find tracks into one delightful package.

The nearly 50 songs on here range from wussed out emo criers to explosive post-punk rockers. I personally prefer the songs that rock out, as they remind me a lot of early Get Up Kids; incidentally, these guys are from Kansas, and The Get Up Kids have cited Kill Creek before as a major influence. At times, Kill Creek sounds a bit like pre-sell out Goo Goo Dolls, Elliot and a less angular Mineral. On several songs, such as “The Role Model,” a country-western flare, reminiscent of Chamberlain,
is evident.
-wm The bottom line is that Kill Creek is an incredible band. I would willingly put my neck on the chopping block for this two disc set, saying that there isn’t a single “bad” song here. This collection of rarities is quite amazing. Fans of mid-1990s emo stuff will love The Will to Strike. Fans of Kill Creek: if you don’t already own this, go pick it up!

Second Nature:

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