There Were Wires

There Were Wires

There Were Wires



The most disappointing thing about Somnambulists is that it’s the final entry from this Boston-area quintet. In fact, now I’m sorry that it’s taken me so goddamn long to get around to reviewing it. Very disrespectful of me.

In these seven songs, There Were Wires betrays an obvious dedication to the progressive metal approach pioneered by Neurosis but doesn’t let this compromise their upbringing on a steady diet of chaotic hardcore (Deadguy, etc). Equal parts lush, textured melodies and volatile, spastic energy, the band’s music is highlighted by it’s throbbing, intricate bass lines and vocalist Jaime Mason’s screams, which aren’t as angry as they are exhausted, fatigued, defeated. A slightly different take on an old recipe and something that should settle well with fans of the Boston Hydrahead pedigree like Cave In, Converge and particularly Isis.

Somnambulists is a great title for the record (EP?), and you’ll understand why after you listen to it, but There Were Wires does anything but sleepwalk through their material here. Good stuff, and a fitting funeral dirge for a band that looks to have had an awful lot of potential.

There Were Wires:

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