The Summer Obsession

The Summer Obsession

The Summer Obsession

This is Where You Belong

Virgin Records

On their track, “Never Coming Back,” vocalist Lucien Walker sings, “roll the windows down, turn the stereo up so loud…”

That is perhaps the best way to listen to The Summer Obsession’s record, This is Where You Belong. The 2006 release is full of twelve tracks that are sure to have you pushing repeat over and over. Whether it’s Walker’s vocals or the smooth, catchy riffs that will have you yearning for summer, either way you’ll find yourself loving this CD. I’ve listened repeatedly and still can’t find a disappointing track.

Walker’s vocals on the third track, “Never Coming Back,” remind me of old-school Good Charlotte. Oddly enough, their drummer, Chris Wilson, used to drum for GC. Either way, the beat will have you tapping your feet, despite the hardest resistance. “Do You Remember” is a heart-wrenching song about a girl suffering the torments of an abusive father. The track is perhaps the best indication that The Summer Obsession has a bit more depth and can write more than your average break-up love song.

There’s something for everyone –amazing lyrics, some amazing beats and piano rock. Need a comparison? Think Something Corporate with a tinge of old-school Good Charlotte.

Don’t be fooled by the name; The Summer Obsession is a great band for any season.

The Summer Obsession:

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