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Dynasty Handbag

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Performance art is one of those things best seen in person, and not something that adapts well to a compact disc. Ms. Jibz Cameron is a performance artist with a distinctive look: misplaced lipstick, Van Der Graff generator-styled hair and the manic look of someone working a 1am show in the Indianapolis Fringe Festival and hoping for a good online review. Her songs are really sound effect collages, and the closest thing to a listenable tune is her cover of Iggy Pop’s obscure “Open Up and Bleed” which you might identify if you’re a real fan. I suspect her shows might be very entertaining, but the CD is more trouble than it’s worth.

I use a computer for listening to a lot of the CDs that come my way, and Foo Foo Yik Yik was one of the biggest pains in the butt listening experiences I’ve had in months. It’s a hybrid CDA and digital disk. The digital segment contains a rather bothersome video of the start/stop song “Break Up Day” but nothing else. I tried the black magic marker trick, but I still couldn’t get to the songs so I listened to them in my car. It made my commute ever so much more stressful. One should never ever mix performance art with commuting.

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