• Ben Vaughn

    Ben Vaughn

    Somehow, Ben Vaughn manages to make time for an interview with Ian Koss in the midst of his many moods and projects.

  • Dan Baird

    Dan Baird

    Dan Baird sits down to give us an update on his health, the state of the union, and his memories of Tom Petty and Malcolm Young.

  • Jonas Carpignano

    Jonas Carpignano

    Director Jonas Carpignano discusses his latest feature, A Ciambra, at length with Lily and Generoso Fierro. The follow up to Carpignano’s debut, Mediterranea, and executively produced by Martin Scorsese, A Ciambra is the affecting second film of a planned triptych centered on the people of the port town of Gioia Tauro in Calabria.

  • An interview with Lucky Bamba

    An interview with Lucky Bamba

    Singer/songwriter Lucky Bamba reflects on his musical origins as he releases a new single, “Let You Go.”

  • Andrey Zvyagintsev

    Andrey Zvyagintsev

    Generoso Fierro speaks with director Andrey Zvyagintsev of Loveless, the winner of the 2017 Jury Prize at Cannes.

  • The Fantastic Plastics

    The Fantastic Plastics

    Peoria’s power-pop purveyors teleport coast-to-coast on extensive U.S. “Invasion” tour.

  • Philip Kaufman Revisits The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid

    Philip Kaufman Revisits The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid

    Prior to a screening of screening of his underappreciated 1972 revisionist western, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, director Philip Kaufman sat down with film critic Stephen Farber for a conversation.

  • Kivanç Sezer

    Kivanç Sezer

    Turkish director Kivanç Sezer’s powerful debut feature, My Father’s Wings, puts the spotlight on the workplace safety crisis that is currently taking place in his homeland. Lily and Generoso Fierro spoke with Sezer at SEEFest 2017 about his film and his need to draw attention to this issue.

  • Keith Morris

    Keith Morris

    Ink 19 slings a few questions to the punk rock pioneer Keith Morris on Trump, Calexit and looking back.

  • Anca Miruna Lǎzǎrescu

    Anca Miruna Lǎzǎrescu

    That Trip We Took With Dad is the debut feature by acclaimed Romanian short film director Anca Miruna Lǎzǎrescu. Generoso Fierro sat down with Lǎzǎrescu during SEEFest to discuss the comedy and drama within the adaptation of her deeply personal family story for the screen.

  • Tommy Womack Talks Trump

    Tommy Womack Talks Trump

    Nashville songwriter and all around cool guy talks Trump, healthcare and growing up in Bible Belt.

  • Jon Langford

    Jon Langford

    Ink 19 asked musician and artist Jon Langford about Trump, Brexit and how a punker from Wales came to love country music.

  • Mary Gauthier and songwriting in the Age of Trump

    Mary Gauthier and songwriting in the Age of Trump

    Nashville songwriter Mary Gauthier talks about the reality of life under Trump.

  • Kyle Martin and Kris Avedisian Discuss Their Film Donald Cried

    Kyle Martin and Kris Avedisian Discuss Their Film Donald Cried

    Lily and Generoso Fierro interview Producer Kyle Martin and Director Kris Avedisian about their film, Donald Cried.

  • A Talk with David Akadjian

    A Talk with David Akadjian

    A chat with author David Akadjian on the election and the way forward.

  • Dash Shaw

    Dash Shaw

    Dash Shaw has been one of the most innovation cartoonists of the last decade. His new animated film, My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea, voiced by Reggie Watts, Lena Dunham, and Jason Schwartzman, was illustrated by hand over a six year period. Lily and Generoso Fierro sat down with Shaw at AFI Fest for an interview.

  • Sarah Adina Smith

    Sarah Adina Smith

    One of the biggest surprises of this year’s AFI Fest came with Buster’s Mal Heart, the impressive second feature by director Sarah Adina Smith that stars Rami Malek, Kate Lyn Sheil, and DJ Qualls. Generoso Fierro spoke at length with Smith about the film, its Y2K era setting, and the race and class discussions contained within.

  • Juho Kuosmanen and J.P. Passi

    Juho Kuosmanen and J.P. Passi

    Lily and Generoso Fierro were fortunate enough to speak with director Juho Kuosmanen and cinematographer J.P. Passi after the debut of their sweet and poignant new film, The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki, the true story of the famed Finnish boxer and his shot at becoming the 1962 World Featherweight Boxing Champion.

  • A Conversation with Ted Rall

    A Conversation with Ted Rall

    A look at the 2016 election and the path forward with political cartoonist Ted Rall.

  • Remembering WWI’s Bloodiest Battles

    Remembering WWI’s Bloodiest Battles

    In remembrance of Veterans’ Day and the centennial of World War I’s bloodiest year, the UCLA Film and Television Archive is screening a series of related films. Generoso and Lily Fierro speak to the series’ programmer about the lasting impact of war films.

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