• Toronto Noir

    Toronto Noir

    Rose Petralia takes an evil stroll through Toronto’s dark underbelly with Toronto Noir.

  • The Swing Voter of Staten Island

    The Swing Voter of Staten Island

    Rose Petralia thinks Arthur Nersesian’s latest novel is a dirty New York bus ride over the edge of strange.

  • Silent Pictures

    Silent Pictures

    Pat Graham brings the DC-centric goods in this new collection of over a decade’s worth of his music photos. Matthew Moyer feels like he has an all-access pass.

  • The Girl With The Golden Shoes

    The Girl With The Golden Shoes

    Bob Ham is overjoyed to find that the coming-of-age story still has legs with Colin Channer’s lovingly crafted tale of a 14-year-old Caribbean girl’s journey to find a new home.

  • Dog War

    Dog War

    Rhona Scoville has a new favorite author, and this quirky and funny tale about life after a significant other’s death by Jamaican writer Anthony Winkler really hit the spot.

  • Tango for a Torturer

    Tango for a Torturer

    Don’t let the blinding sun of the tropics fool you. Daniel Chavarria’s new novel is prime Caribbean noir. Sheila Scoville adjusts her sunglasses and observes the bodies piling up.

  • Godlike


    Carl F Gauze, who may or may not be a card-carrying member of the Blank Generation, follows punk godfather Richard Hell from the seedy world of rock to the perhaps seedier world of the written word.

  • American Visa

    American Visa

    What makes Juan de Recacoechea’s novel, American Visa the “best-selling novel in Bolivian history?” Brittany Sturges gathered all the evidence to solve the mystery.

  • New Orleans Noir

    New Orleans Noir

    In a city famous for its wild side, New Orleans Noir takes you down the darkest, wildest streets. Half the tales are set in historic New Orleans, while the other half are set in a post-Katrina city. Bob Pomeroy tells you where the bodies are hidden.

  • South of the Pumphouse

    South of the Pumphouse

    Linda Tate is moderately entertained by bassist Les Claypool’s debut novel and yet… don’t give up the day job.

  • Artificial Light

    Artificial Light

    The frontman of a hugely popular rock band is found dead by a shotgun wound. Sound familiar? It’s also the beginning of rock writer James Greer’s elliptical new novel. And, as Sheila Scoville finds out, any resemblance to actual events or people is entirely purposeful.

  • Bronx Biannual

    Bronx Biannual

    Sheila Scoville is dazzled by the range of subjects and themes in the first issue of a new “journal of urbane urban literature.” Step to this.

  • The Boy Detective Fails

    The Boy Detective Fails

    A recent novel by Joe Meno adds child detective to the “Where Are They Now?” file, and Scott Adams is in the market for a new moustache.

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