• The Cult

    The Cult

    The Cult turns the House of Blues in Orlando into the House of Good Mojo, not only delivering a killer set themselves, but allowing for Florida fans to get their first taste of a brand new stage of Against Me.

  • Styx


    Cashing in on the current classic albums craze, Styx returned to Melbourne, Florida to recreate two best-selling records in one hit-filled evening that had Chris Long enthralled.

  • Rock Shrines

    Rock Shrines

    Jeff Schweers buries this morbid, creepy, gag-inducing yet glossy coffee table tome about dead rock stars, where they died, and their final resting places.

  • Dropkick Murphys

    Dropkick Murphys

    Celtic punk veterans Dropkick Murphys rip though Orlando leaving beer-sodden green mohawks in their wake.

  • The Doors

    The Doors

    Matt Parish finds himself surrounded by lizard kings, not in an episode of Star Trek, but in the pages of Ben Fong-Torres’ exhaustive new photo archive of Jim Morrison and his merry pranksters.

  • Mommy, Why’d You Let The Drunk Beat Me Up?

    Ditch this gimmick like the plague. It’s fucking bad, trailer park, crazy uncle, kind of shit. The snot rag doesn’t make sense. The gesture in itself is not particularly vile or sinister, it’s more bizarre like that kid who ate paste and boogers in second grade. AND RAVEN IS NO PASTE EATER!

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