• Frost

    Hard Rock Heavy Metal NWOBHM Power Metal Fight Fire With Fire Lack of Communication ,Frost,Raise Your Fist to Metal,Noise / Sanctuary,Stein Haukland

  • Boston

    Punk,Hardcore,Old-school,…And Out Come the Wolves,Boston,A Punk and Hardcore Compilation!,Rodent Popsicle,Stein Haukland

  • W.A.S.P.

    Blackie Lawless,Dying for the World,The Headless Children,Sister Sadie,Asylum #9,Red Room of the Rising Sun,Tomorrow Never Knows Tommy ,W.A.S.P.,The Neon God,Sanctuary,Stein Haukland

  • Decade

    Compilation,Brothers and Sisters,Cerebra,This is the Last Time,Decade,Ten Years of Fierce Panda,Fierce Panda / Brash,Stein Haukland

  • io

    Chapel Hill,Emo,Post-rock,Post-hardcore,Ben Flanagan,io,Where the Engines Lay,Eleventh Hour,Stein Haukland

  • The Streets

    Original Pirate Material Mike Skinner Rap UK Garage Dance ,The Streets,Weak Become Heroes – Remixes,Stifle/Vice,Stein Haukland

  • Less


    Cover, Protective, Individual (Firecode Core). Review by Stein Haukland.

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